As I write this the festivities of Mapping 2009 are definitely closed. It was quite an edition. We enjoy every edition. It would be difficult to make comparisons because with each one we collapse from exhaustion and smile and every year the smile gets a little wider.

This year, despite still being a multi-location-simultaneously type event we have managed to bring together some of the most interesting artists working in the vj field today. There were some definite trends in this years selections. The first that comes to mind is the use of the live camera feed. From Teatrino, through Brubuja in the performance area to the installation of Klif, the use of a live feed was one of the components that truly defined or destroyed a direct experience through a projected image.

Another trend was the general focus on defining a physical presence on stage. The LaptopsRUS event and Strap On Dildos along with any of the acts during the Girls Night event was not just about images but how the people who control the images can be part of the experience.

If there is any area of VJing that might be defined as ‘traditional’ then for this writer it could be easily defined as VJing for DJ’s in a club. The Kompakt night was without a doubt the definitive in providing this experience. The lineup was nothing short of classical. As organizers it is sometimes very difficult during the club nights to see everything but a quick recollection definitely brings for the smoothly refined moments of Okinawa 69 on the screens of the Zoo. It was also very special to meet him as someone who loves what he does with every pulse of his body. All of this poured into his images and the movements that change them to the music. Bravo.

As we slowly recover from the whole experience we hope to provide you with more information/photos/videos of the festival as well as any activities that will appear on our horizon.